Curiosity, purpose, and passion.

We have been assisting small to medium businesses for over 30 years. Originally located in Nevada, we relocated to the Texas area in 2009 and have been assisting businesses with their financial and accounting needs. We can assist in day to day activities or expand our services to monthly reviews to complete final month's end processes. We bring a variety of experiences to the table. This allows us to expand our expertise in assisting various industries with their financial needs. Our purpose is to assist small to medium businesses with cost savings by outsourcing their accounting and financial needs.


SGBC's Mission

Our mission is to help our clients maintain financial soundness both now and in the future and to proactively achieve business goals. Our methodology utilizes meticulous research on data gathered through our proven in-depth analysis to create a sound understanding of client's needs. We are committed to meeting these goals with the highest professional standards available.

Successful Solutions
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Years of Experience


  • Launched Business Consulting Firm

    Focused on establishing and maintaining accounting and financial management practices for small and medium-sized firms.

  • Enhanced Client's Operations

    Through improved efficiency, decreased costs, and standardized financial management processes.

  • Developed Company Accounting Policies

    Ensuring adherence to GAAP and implemented policies throughout these companies and its subsidiaries.

  • Developed and Implemented Job Costing System

    Established “Best Practices” used by several of our clients for job cost accounting, which allowed them to review pricing reports and incur an increase in profits.

  • Developed and Managed the Budget Process

    Through preparation of corporate budgets and reviews and analysis of subsidiary budgets along with consolidation of same.

  • Supported CEO’s and VP’s

    In compiling financial information, such as financial narratives, for outside parties which included financial institutions and investors.

  • Implemented Fixed Asset Process

    Which involved the purchasing, selling and trading of all assets, as well as the setup, maintenance, and entries required for month end-close; across nation-wide locations.


Here at SGBC, LLC, we are a DIVERSE BUSINESS which leverages extensive corporate and financial leadership with a background in positioning companies for growth and future success. We provide End-to-end business strategies with COLLABORATIVE MINDSETS which engages all stakeholders in creating solutions for internal and external clients. We also have GIFTED COMMUNICATORS who build teams, lead change, and empower employees in developing and launching new processes that drive quality and promote growth. We have over 30 years experience working throughout various industries.

We collaborate with company leaders from VARIOUS INDUSTRIES including Cloud Brokerage, VoiP & Telecommunication, Video Game Technologies, Energy, Video Game and Sports Manufacturing, Entertainment, Cosmetology, Construction and various other industries.

We have led business operations, finances, and strategic business pivots for privately held technology companies. We have built business and financial processes for small business and large-scale corporations alike. We have driven strategies that positioned companies for lucrative service contracts with STATE and FEDERAL AGENCIES.

SGBC has served as executive leaders and corporate finance officers for privately held technology firms specializing in Cloud Service Brokerage and Data Analysis Services. We have directed complex negotiations with strategic vendors, business partners, and clients ranging from FORTUNE 500 technology companies to government agencies. We build, mentor, and lead high performing teams while positioning organizations for future success. We champion process improvements and streamline workflows throughout all operations, engage with teams and inspiring internal stakeholders to create innovative processes that increase efficiency and REDUCE OVERALL COSTS.

SGBC has a variety of experience working with clients to prepare for external and IRS AUDITS. A typical audit is comprised of four stages: planning, fieldwork, reporting, and follow-up. SGBC has assisted in the COORDINATION of the DOCUMENTATION that is required for review by external IRS auditors. The fieldwork consists of preparing and pulling all items that are requested, as well as any additional support documentation that could arise. SGBC has worked with various large audit companies and is very familiar with the process. With our assistance we can reduce the time required and spent by the Auditors assigned to your organization.

A culture based on collaboration

We are a small woman owned minority business which operates out of Hutto, TX. Since our opening, we have treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. We offer services for small and medium business clients alike. Our services are a reliable high-quality alternative to in-house resources for bookkeeping, financial statement creation, and business progress analysis.